Out & Proud
Respect, Accept, Love oneself.

Out & Proud: Ryan

Out & Proud: Ryan I came out when I was 17 years old. Born and raised in London, I was out and proud to everyone. My friends at college and university. Even my brother and sister. Everyone.... ... everyone except my Filipino religious Catholic strict parents. I...

Out & Proud: Kaye

Kaye, 34, Manila > Amsterdam. “Not all girls and women were assigned female at birth. You can do it. You are unique. You are not alone”. These are the words that Kaye would love to say to her younger self to get through the hard times she would experience. This...

Out & Proud: Eddy

Todays Out & Proud story comes from someone special who I had met in the summer during my travels in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. 18 year old, Eddy. I had travelled to the North to do some independent charity work and met with students, teachers and...

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