Out & Proud
Respect, Accept, Love oneself.

Out & Proud: Eddy

Todays Out & Proud story comes from someone special who I had met in the summer during my travels in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. 18 year old, Eddy. I had travelled to the North to do some independent charity work and met with students, teachers and...

Out & Proud: Makaw

Today as we celebrate the National Coming Out day, we want to celebrate those who gave us strenght, those who inspire us, and those who serve as a beacon of light when we are confused, worried and afraid that no one will accept and love us. On today's out & proud...

Out & Proud: Nik

Growing up in the Philippines where being “different” stimulates hate and hurtful judgment, “coming out” is a difficult thing to do. And it takes a thousand shower of courage for a person to show his/her/their true self to the world. I was just a little kid when I...

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