Amsterdam Canal Pride 2019

We are Filipinos. We are Europeans.
We are part of the community. We call Philippines & Europe home.

Filipino LGBT Europe joins 24th Canal Parade in Amstedam

The Filipino LGBT Europe is proud to announce that we are joining the Amsterdam Canal Pride 2019 as one of the 80 participants in the boat parade. After careful examination of all the applications, the Filipino-themed “Balangay” boat concept has been chosen to take part in the world’s biggest Pride event. The “Balangay” will be the first ever Asian float to participate in the Pride festival under the theme “Remember the past, create the future”.

Date: Saturday, 3rd August from 12:30 until 17:00
Route: Oosterdok – Nieuwe Herengracht – Amstel – Prinsengracht – Westerdok

Filipino LGBT Europe’s participation to 24th Canal Pride

Who are we?

We are a newly formed Amsterdam-based LGBT foundation supporting and improving the lives of LGBT Filipinos in Europe and the Philippines. There are around one million Filipinos living in Europe. We are Filipinos. We are Europeans. We are part of the community and call Philippines and Europe our home.

The main advocacies of our foundation are:

  • Marriage Equality – A campaign to advance the protection of Filipino LGBTs, their partners and families in the Philippines.
  • HIV Awareness – A campaign to help combat the alarming rate of new HIV infections in the Philippines.
  • Out & Proud – A campaign that encourages and empowers Filipino LGBTs to accept and celebrate their identity and sexuality.







Why is it important to join the Canal Pride?

  • This is the first time that an Asian country will participate. This is not only historic, but also reflects the increasing representation of cultural groups in the parade.
  • The fight for LGBT rights is gaining momentum in the Philippines. Through this parade, we represent the success and struggles of Filipino LGBTs; and send a message of solidarity to Filipino LGBT advocates in the fight for equality and acceptance in our home country.
  • The parade will give greater visibility to our organisation. We want everyone to support and heed our call: A better future for Filipino LGBTs, that we may have a Philippine society that not only legally empowers, but also embraces and nurtures us.
  • By showcasing our unique, colorful, and rich ethnic Filipino-Asian heritage, we hope to visibly add to the parade’s cultural diversity, .

Join us send a message of solidarity to Filipino LGBT advocates in the fight for equality and acceptance in the Philippines.

How are we going to implement this year’s theme “Remember the past, create the future” on our boat?

Our boat will look like the traditional, pre-colonial Filipino boat called Balangay which holds historical and cultural significance as the main transportation of our ancestors. Balangay is also the etymology of Barangay, which refers to a small, closed-knit community.

Balangay represents the past and the future. It is a reminder of who we are and where we come from; and a symbolic carrier that will bring us together to our goals. For us migrants, it is a symbol of unity and a beacon of hope as we create better futures.

We also pay homage to our ancestors and historical roots through costumes that showcase our rich culture.

The main message of our boat is love, self-acceptance, and unity. With banners and placards we send the message that self-acceptance, love, unity will bring us to a better future.

Balangay represents the past and the future.
It is a reminder of who we are and where we come from;
and a symbolic carrier that will bring us together to our goals.

How would we create interaction with the audience?

  • Participants will perform simple dance steps that the audience can quickly learn and join in.
  • The dance routine, music and indigenous costume on display will take the audience back to the past and relive some of the richest parts of our heritage and ethnic culture. These performances will ensure engagement throughout the parade. This is not just a feast for the Filipinos in Amsterdam, but also for the international audience.
  • We will sing traditional songs, usually chanted in Philippine festivals, that are easy for the audience to follow.
  • We will play upbeat, modern music of popular international Filipino artists like Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias, Black Eyed Peas, etc.
  • Through colorful banners, we will affirm the audience that they are beautiful as they are, that they are loved, and that they should be proud of who they are.

Amsterdam Pride 2019 Kick-off Party

Feb 10, 2019 Announcement of Participants

Philippine Media Coverage
GMA7 & ABS-CBN Balitang Global 

How can I join the boat?
What can I do to help and be part of this journey?

Individual Entry

Do you want to join the boat?
Boat is FULL. But you may register for WAIT LIST below!


Do you have time to give?
You may volunteer and help.


Are you from an organisation and would like to show your support?


Do you want to be on the Souvenir Program as a Sponsor?

Journey to the boat 


Please confirm your interest to join the boat by registering below. You will receive an email confirming receipt of application.


You will received a second email letting you know if you have been allocated a spot on the boat.

Fundraising / Payment

Successful applicant will be asked to help raised funds for the foundation. A minimum amount of EUR 150 is required for each participant.


Once the payment of donation has been received, your spot on the boat will then be confirmed and you will be assigned to a group leader.

Rehearsal / Fitting

Your group leader will call for a meeting for costume fitting and dance routine rehearsals.

Boat Parade

Remember to wear your best smiles as you have been selected to be an ambassador of our foundation. Be a beacon of hope and light to everyone!

Join us on the Boat!
BE an Ambassador of Love, Equality and Diversity!

Register now, apply for your spot on the boat!
Let us make history together!

Number of Participants

We call all Filipino LGBTs living in Europe together with our allies and friends to join us this coming August 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As we celebrate individuality and equality with the whole city, let us send the message of love and solidarity to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

Let us showcase our heritage and distinct Filipino-Asian culture to Amsterdam’s most anticipated event of the year.

Amsterdam Pride 2019 Registration

13 + 6 =

Note: The BOAT is now FULL.
You can still apply and we can put you on the WAITING LIST.
Individual application, one registration per person.

Would you like to Help and Volunteer?
We have four Ad-Hoc Committees for our preparations

Committee for Production

Performance, music & dance
Headed by Arvin Quirante

Committee de Sastre

Costume making 
Headed by Edson Gonzales

Committee de Carpenteros

Boat set-up and construction
Headed by Ron Licht

Committee for First Aid

Emergency response team 
Headed by Jen Azana, RN

Amsterdam Canal Pride 2019
Saturday, 3rd August 2019

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