Here is our third coming out story from Luna. Luna is behind our org’s social media accounts (FB and IG) as well as the Local Country Coordinator (NL). Read her story below:

“Coming out, to be honest is exhausting and scary. I am not out to most people of my life but I am also not hiding, if they ask me, I will go ahead and tell my truth, some of them are shocked and ask so many questions and say comments like, I would never have thought, you don’t look gay or did a man really hurt you that bad or you are just confused or you are going through a phase or just choose already. Some of them don’t care. 

“The most important coming out for me was to myself.”

When I came out to my mother she had a lot of emotions, at first, she was appalled, the next she was shaking she said. I told her, I will live the life that I choose, she then was calmed and said she will pray for me (bless her). Explaining to your every Sunday going to church-reading the bible-praying before going to bed kind of mother about sexuality is like explaining Algebra to me. For the life of me, I don’t get algebra it is very complex and confusing to me, so as the complexity of sexuality to my mother. She didn’t say it to me but as my mother she loves me no matter what, I felt it and she is still talking to me now so that is great! 🙂

The most important coming out for me was to myself. I remember thinking that I do not want to be 40 years old married with kids and be so unhappy, because I was unhappy for years due to me not accepting. It took a while but I finally accepted, recognized, and no longer hide from my truth that I am physically, romantically and/or sexually attracted to women and men and/or more gender, not exactly at the same time or the same way. The moment I said that out loud I had this big weight off my shoulder and cried with happiness. That was the happiest, exciting yet scariest day of my life. Happy to finally be out yet scared for the unknown which also is quite exciting.” 

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