Who are we?

We, Filipino LGBTs residing in Europe, together with our partners and friends, formed the Amsterdam-based Stichting Filipino LGBT Europe.

We are a newly formed LGBT foundation supporting and improving the lives of LGBT Filipinos in Europe and the Philippines. There are over one million Filipinos living in Europe. We are Filipinos. We are Europeans. We are part of the community and call Philippines and Europe our home.

The main advocacies of our foundation are:

  • SOGIE Equality Law – A campaign to advance the passage of SOGIE Equality Law in the Philippine.
  • Marriage Equality – A campaign to advance the protection of Filipino LGBTs, their partners and families in the Philippine.
  • Out & Proud – A campaign that encourages and empowers Filipino LGBTs to accept and celebrate their identity and sexuality.
  • HIV Awareness – A campaign to help combat the alarming rate of new HIV infections in the Philippines.

Vision & Mission Statement


The Filipino LGBT Europe is a shelter/support group for Filipino LGBT’s and its allies living in Europe.  A community that advocates equality and empowerment, acceptance and diversity, and social change for the LGBT in the Philippines.


The Filipino LGBT Europe is a community foundation that is based in Europe which is dedicated in providing a voice for Filipino LGBTs living in Europe and in the Philippines. It aims to;

  • Be a support group for its community;
  • Create and maintain an inclusive and environment for LGBT Filipinos in Europe;
  • Support education and increase HIV awareness in the Philippines;
  • Promote and campaign equality in the Philippines;
  • Campaign for Legal Recognition of Filipino LGBTs marriage/partnership/unions in the Philippines;
  • Mobilize and increase resources for the Filipino LGBT movement in Europe and in the Philippines;
  • Provide research and studies that is beneficial for the welfare of its community.


Members of the Board

Chris Sta Brigida is a Filipino-British entreprenuer based in Amsterdam. He got his master’s degree from the Diplomatic Academy of London and used to work for an international non-governmental organisation in London.
Chris Sta Brigida, MA (Westminster)

Chairman, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ernie Medina is a leader of a Filipino LGBT group in Amsterdam and very active in the Filipino community in the Netherlands. He runs his own company in hospitality industry.
Ernie Medina

Vice-Chair, Filipino LGBT Europe

Johnny Cacatian works for an int’l company that specializes in renewable energy. He holds master’s degrees in International Develeopment Studies and Environment and Resource Management.
Johnny Cacatian, MSc (Amsterdam)

Treasurer, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ryan Aquino

Secretary, Filipino LGBT Europe

Aris Ibarando is a solicitor based in London. He specialise in immigration and family law.
Aris Ibarando, LLB (London)

Legal Advisor, Filipino LGBT Europe

Chei is teaching at the University of Amsterdam. She was a former assistant professor at the University of the Philippines.

Chei Billedo, PhD

Academic Advisor, Filipino LGBT Europe

Advocacy Heads

Marlon Lacsamana

Marriage Equality Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Postion in Vacant

HIV Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ryan Aquino

Out&Proud Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Committees & Officers

Ernie Medina

Events Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Kaye Candaza

Committee on Trans Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Hon Sophia Balod

Press Officer, Filipino LGBT Europe

Johnny Cacatian, MSc (Amsterdam)

Fundraising Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Luna Obcial

Social Media Manager, Filipino LGBT Europe

Country Coordinators

Filipino LGBT Europe – United Kingdom

Ronnie Del Barrio
Country Coordinator
Email: Ronnie@FilipinoLGBT.eu 

From Manila originally, he’s been living in the UK since 1990. An accomplished performer with theatre credits including Miss Saigon, Rocky Horror Picture Show in London’s West-End plus multiple TV credits Ronnie has a very solid background in entertainment and a great addition to our foundation. His creative talents and motivation to help others to live their lives fully as themselves is his drive and passion. He understands the importance for the foundation to have core goals, to maintain focus. But also to “finding solutions instead of all the problems.”

Filipino LGBT Europe – Germany

Joan Avellanosa
Country Coordinator
Email: Joan@FilipinoLGBT.eu 

Born and raised in Davao, she has been living in Germany for 18 years and married to her German-Filipino wife for 5 years. She currently works as a technical drafter (with AutoCad software) for engineering purposes. When she moved to Germany she really wished that there was an organisation similar to ours, when she was growing up. “I found it difficult to really know where to put myself and to find where I fitted in German society.” Being Filipino, lesbian and in rural Germany she wants to ensure that if there are others who feel alone as she did back then…. that they are not alone. Joan and our foundation are here for them. Joan: “I really want to do my part. Back then I had no one, if I can make one person feel better; then it is all worth it.”

Filipino LGBT Europe – Finland

AC Arellano
Country Coordinator
Email: Amarie@FilipinoLGBT.eu 

Amarie Concepcion aka AC is our new Country coordinator for Finland. We’re very pleased to have our first Nordic representative and coordinator.
She’s lived in Europe for a total of 13 years. 2 years in Denmark, 2 years and Norway and 9 years in Finland. She’s currently studying and graduating in Tourism and Event management.

Filipino LGBT Europe – Belgium

August Mateo
Country Coordinator
Email: August@FilipinoLGBT.eu 

Originally from Luzon. He spent 4 years in Amsterdam and has now been living in Belgium for 11 years. Married to a Belgian for 10 years. His ambition with the foundation is to have the ability to connect Filipinos with each other, but also to assist in the cause to have his gay marriage recognised in the Philippines if ever him and his husband chose to return to the Philippines.

Filipino LGBT Europe – The Netherlands

Luna Obcial
Country Coordinator
Email: Luna@FilipinoLGBT.eu 

Born and raised in Cebu, she has been living in Europe for 10 years. Two initial years in Denmark, and the last eight years in the Netherlands where she has made her home. What she wants to achieve with the foundation is to lead the fight, so that our future children won’t need to. “I want to be an activist for LGBT rights. I want to battle the stigma and fight so that our children won’t have to deal with this struggle. I want LGBT persons to know that it’s ok to be different, that they have value and are beautiful just the way they are!”


Ad-Hoc Committees

Committee for Production

Performance, music & dance
Headed by Arvin Quirante
Email: Arvin@FilipinoLGBT.eu

Committee de Sastre

Costume making
Headed by Edson Gonzales
Email: Edson@FilipinoLGBT.eu

Boat Design Committee

Boat Design and Creation
Headed by Reddy Domingo
Email: Red@FilipinoLGBT.eu

Committee for First Aid

Emergency response team
Headed by Jen Azana, RN
Email: Jen@FilipinoLGBT.eu

Food & Drinks Committee

Food & drinks preparation
Headed by Sam Bronek
Email: Sam@FilipinoLGBT.eu

After-Party Committee

After-Party preparations
Headed by TBC
Email: @FilipinoLGBT.eu

We are also Proud to Introduce our
DIVERSE Leadership on the Boat
We have Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans as Group Leaders


Headed by Ana Castaño
Email: Ana@FilipinoLGBT.eu


Headed by Ernesto Medina
Email: Ernesto@FilipinoLGBT.eu


Headed by Reddy Domingo
Email: Red@FilipinoLGBT.eu


Headed by Pahina
Email: Pahina@FilipinoLGBT.eu

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