Our Mission

  • Advocate for the legal recognition in the Philippines of marriages / partnerships / unions of Filipino LGBTs conducted overseas;
  • Support the call for the passage of a national legislation in the Philippines that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression;
  • Private and public engagements to promote and campaign for a more inclusive policies and laws
  • Assist in the creation of new communities in Europe to serve as a network and support group for Filipino LGBTQIA+ migrants persons;
  • Cultivate and create more safe spaces through workshops and trainings
  • Assist in providing research and studies that is beneficial for the welfare of its community.

Our Vision

“The Filipino LGBT Europe is a shelter/support group for Filipino LGBT’s and its allies living in Europe. A community that advocates equality and empowerment, acceptance and diversity, and social change for the LGBTQIA+ in the Philippines and Filipinos in Europe.”

Our Major Projects

Ayuda sa Amsterdam

Since May 17, 2020, Filipino LGBT Europe – Ayuda sa Amsterdam, in collaboration with various Filipino and international humanitarian organizations in the Netherlands, including The Adhoc Alliance of Filipino Organizations in the Netherlands, The Netherlands Red Cross, Dokters van de Wereld, and Sant’Egidio Netherlands, has distributed over 25,000 units of Food Aid. This aid has been crucial for more than 1,000 undocumented migrants in Amsterdam, who received assistance in the form of food packs, grocery vouchers, hygienic products, and more.

In the period from 2020 to 2022, the community received aid worth EUR 602,475.00 (PHP 33,738,600.00) in partnership with the Netherlands Red Cross alone, facilitated by the Sant’Egidio Community / Moses and Aaron Church serving as a distribution point in Amsterdam. Ayuda sa Amsterdam also advocated for the vaccination of undocumented elders, organizing Vaccination Days to ensure access to COVID-19 vaccines.

In 2023, over 100 individuals receive weekly food aid through Ayuda sa Amsterdam, mostly comprising senior members and those with limited means due to illness or inability to work. Monthly medical consultations for around 15 patients are facilitated in collaboration with Dokters van de Wereld and Sant’Egidio Community. Additionally, partnerships with MCVO and Stichting Ros assisted a number of undocumented Filipinos in returning to the Philippines, while aid was extended to stranded individuals at Amsterdam airport, hospital visits were conducted, and distress calls were responded to via the Netherlands Red Cross.

Bayota Community Center

The Bayota Community Center stands as a beacon of inclusivity and support for the Filipino LGBTQ+ community nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. Inaugurated during Pride Amsterdam 2021, this vibrant hub serves as a safe space where individuals can come together to celebrate their identities, share experiences, and foster a sense of belonging. Spearheaded by the Filipino LGBT Europe Foundation and championed by individuals like Chris Sta Brigida and benefactors Godwin & Wimmo Yosalina-Bouman, the center’s opening ceremony was a momentous occasion, marked by unity and jubilation.

At the core of the Bayota Community Center’s mission lies the promotion of camaraderie and acceptance. Every Wednesday, the center hosts a gathering where members of the Filipino LGBTQ+ community and allies converge to partake in shared food, shared fun, and storytelling sessions. Beyond mere socialization, these gatherings serve a deeper purpose—they nurture bonds, cultivate empathy, and affirm the value of every individual’s unique journey. Regardless of background or orientation, all are welcomed with open arms, fostering a sense of oneness and solidarity within the community.

The Bayota Community Center stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in fostering a more inclusive society. By providing a dedicated space for the Filipino LGBTQ+ community in Amsterdam, it not only offers support and resources but also serves as a catalyst for positive change. Through its weekly gatherings and events, the center aims to empower individuals, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for a future where acceptance and understanding reign supreme. In a world where diversity is celebrated and differences are embraced, the Bayota Community Center shines as a beacon of hope and unity.

Tulipa Documentary Film

Tulipa Documentary Film Production delves deep into the narratives of Filipino migrants with LGBTQIA+ identities, highlighting their journey of seeking a life beyond the shores of the Philippines in order to assert their rights to gender equality. Through intimate personal experiences and life stories, the film portrays tales of survival, hope, and the ongoing struggles faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in the Philippines. It offers a poignant exploration into the lives of Filipino LGBTQIA+ migrants in the Netherlands, shedding light on the challenges they encounter and emphasizing the importance of creating a more inclusive and safer environment for gender marginalized groups back in the Philippines.

The premiere of this groundbreaking film made history on October 14, 2022, at the prestigious Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam. The event was attended by a diverse array of supporters, including members of Filipino LGBT Europe and representatives from the Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands. This historic occasion not only marked the unveiling of an impactful documentary but also served as a platform for fostering dialogue and understanding surrounding the issues faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals both in the Philippines and abroad.

Tulipa Documentary Film Production stands as a collaborative effort, brought to fruition by the Filipino LGBT Europe Foundation in partnership with the Netherlands Embassy in Manila, The Philippine Commission of Human Rights, ASEAN SOGIE Caucus, and MUJER LGBT. Together, these organizations have united to amplify the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community and advocate for meaningful change, both within Filipino society and on the global stage.

To date, the film was screened in more than a dozen cities and countries worldwide.

Filipino-European Advocates Forum

Annual gathering of Filipino – European LGBTQIA+ Advocates for a Stronger and more Inclusive society.

The 1st Filipino-European LGBTQIA+ Advocates Forum was a three-day event that celebrated Filipino LGBTQIA+ persons in Europe. It was the first gathering of its kind for Filipinos in Europe.

The event included empowered and dedicated Filipinos who were active in LGBTQIA+ advocacy work from diverse backgrounds and expertise.

The Forum aimed to provide a safe and collaborative platform for Filipino persons in Europe to connect, share, and learn from each other. It was hoped that the Forum would inspire and empower participants to contribute to making positive changes in society. The 3-day program included inspirational talks, knowledge-sharing, and interactive workshops.

During the forum, attendees had the opportunity to connect with other Filipinos who may have experienced similar challenges and discriminations of being a Filipino LGBTQIA+ in Europe. It was the ideal platform for the community to engage as well as to create a formal network of support.

Chris Sta Brigida Kopp

The Founding Chairperson

Chris, a Filipino – British national born in Manila carries a Bachelor’s Degree in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs from De La Salle University College of Saint Benilde, a Masters degree in Diplomatic Studies from the  Diplomatic Academy of London, University of Westminster and currently doing his Masters in Law (LLM in Human Rights) at the University of Law in London. Transitioning from advocating for better care for animals at the World Society for the Protection of Animals in London, he has become a successful entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community and the broader Filipino population in the Netherlands, actively working to promote inclusivity and representation.

Executive Officers

Ryan Aquino – Director & Vice-President

Chei Billedo, PhD – Director & Academic Advisor

Aris Ibarando, LLB – Director & Legal Advisor 

Marlon Lacsamana  – Committee Head, Marriage Equality 

Kaye Candaza – Committee Head, Trans & Gender Diverse Committee 

Godwin Dumagat Yosalina-Bouman – Bayota Community Centre

Hon Sophia Balod  – Press Officer

Nimruz De Castro – Press Officer

John Brian Fuentes – Liaison Officer

Chinita Dinglasan – President, Ayuda sa Amsterdam

Coutry Coordinators:

August Mateo – Country Coordinator- Belgium

Joan Avellanosa – Country Coordinator- Germany

AC Arellano – Country Coordinator- Finland

Mary Grace Albaran – Country Coordinator- Netherlands

Ronnie Del Barrio – Country Coordinator- United Kingdom

Giovanni Abaño – Country Coordinator- Spain (Madrid)

Nats Villaluna – Bahaghari Barcelona – Spain (Barcelona)

Morse Caoagas Flores  – Country Coordinator- Switzerland

Mharv’s Napoles – Country Coordinator – Malta

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