Filipino LGBT Netherlands

Assistance during covid-19 pandemic

Work and benefit

WW-uitkering (Unemployment Benefits) for those who lost their jobs. You will need your DigiD to apply. Read more

NOW: Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Sustained Employment (Tijdelijke Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor Werkbehoud NOW). Govenment’s measures to support employers so they can continue paying for their employees salary during the corona crisis. Read more

TOZO: Temporary Bridging Scheme for Independent Entrepreneurs (De Tijdelijke overbruggingsregeling zelfstandig ondernemers). Government’s measures to support entrepreneurs during the corona crisis.  Read more


Your GP is always your first point of contact if you have medical complaints. In case of suspicion of covid-19, call 0800 1202. More information via RIVM

Krusipost offers medical and psychosocial care to people that can’t find help at regular care organisations.

Doctors of the World offers help in finding medical help, for example to people without valid residence papers, refugees or newcomers. 

Doctors of the World: Everyone has a right to medical care. Read more

Food Aid provides food packages and money allowance for those who have residence permit. Registration is required. provides food packs for those who does not have access to governent aid and normal food bank. Supports Filipino LGBT Europe’s food aid distribution.

Residence permit to stay or papers provides all the information for undocumented.

Het Wereldhuis provides counselling, daycare, second-hand clothes, empowerement trainings, advice or assistance on writing letters or translation help for undocumented.

IOM United Nations helps those who wants to go home voluntarily.

Updates for Netherlands

Community Activities

Kendeng Day – Zumba Day

Weekly Monday Fitness with ZIN Walter Labajo

This is in preparation for our Pride 2020 participation in various European cities like Amsterdam Pride Walk, Vienna Pride, London Pride. Come join us, we will bring the spirit of Philippine Fiesta when we join European Pride march!

Note: This event is cancelled due to covid-19 crisis.

M2M Every 1st Wednesdays

Movie and Malefunction Night

M2M stands for Movie to Malefuktion night every first Wednesdays! First part, Movie at Pathe Munt / Pathe Tuschinski Theater and to then be followed by another entertainment from DJ Malefunktion at Taboo Kantine. Read more.

Note: This event is cancelled due to covid-19 crisis.

Pride Walk Amsterdam – 25 July 2020

Filipino LGBT Europe walks in solidarity with our TRANS siblings

Filipino LGBT Europe joins Amsterdam Pride Walk 2020!

Yearly, we dedicate our walk for our Trans siblings as our sign of solidarity. Join us this year, let’s walk together!

This will be the third time in three years that Filipino LGBT Europe participates at Amsterdam Pride Walk that marks the beginning of a whole PRIDE week celebration in Amsterdam, The Netherlnads.  Read more

Note: This event is cancelled due to covid-19 crisis.

Meet our local community officers

Mary Grace Albaran

Coordinator, Filipino LGBT NL

MJ Caballero-McKnight

Secretary, Filipino LGBT NL

Jayson Uy

Treasurer, Filipino LGBT NL

Gerald Esguerra

Public Relations, Filipino LGBT NL

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