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The Filipino LGBT Germany is a networking and support group for the Filipino LGBT community living in Germany.

We welcome all in the gender spectrum in this group.

This group aims to facilitate connection and share information and experiences within the community.

Join us build a strong and inclusive community without any discrimination and prejudice.

Meet our Country Coordinator

Filipino LGBT Europe – Germany

Joan Avellanosa
Country Coordinator

Born and raised in Davao, she has been living in Germany for more than 20 years. She currently works as a technical drafter (with AutoCad software) for engineering purposes. When she moved to Germany she really wished that there was an organisation similar to ours, when she was growing up. “I found it difficult to really know where to put myself and to find where I fitted in German society.” Being Filipino, lesbian and in rural Germany she wants to ensure that if there are others who feel alone as she did back then…. that they are not alone. Joan and our foundation are here for them. Joan: “I really want to do my part. Back then I had no one, if I can make one person feel better; then it is all worth it.”

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