AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — A mix of stories about acceptance, bravery, and love were highlights of the first Coming Out Party hosted by the Filipino LGBT Europe in the Netherlands last Oct. 13. The event coincides with the National Coming Out day on October 11.

Local chapter coordinator Luna Obcial encouraged members of the LGBT community to speak about their struggles and share their experiences to inspire others who still face prejudice and discrimination today.

“This community would never want you to feel that what you are is wrong. Whether you are out or not, we are your family,” Obcial said.

With the formation of the Filipino LGBT Europe’s local chapter, Obcial hopes to address the issues of the LGBTs in the Netherlands, particularly about education of sexually transmitted diseases.

“There is stigma about this issue especially around the Filipino community. We want to provide this kind of support and information without them feeling judged. We want to provide a safe space where everyone can air their concerns whatever their sexual orientation is,” Obcial said.

“It takes a lot of courage to be able to speak your truth and live your truth. Acceptance and love by the people who matter most to you especially from your family and community is all you really need to grow and contribute meaningfully to wherever you are planted,” Maitet Ledesma, Honorary Chairperson of Pinay sa Holland said.

The Coming Out stories published by the Filipino LGBT Europe is an ongoing advocacy. For those who are interested to share their stories or are curious to hear about other members’ stories, these personal stories are shared via our social media and our website. You may also send your stories at

The Filipino LGBT Europe – Netherlands Chapter thanks Aidsfonds Netherlands, and Fun Factory for our successful Coming Out Party.

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