THE HAGUE  — The Filipino LGBT Europe joined the Philippine Embassy’s Bi- Annual meeting of Filipino Community Leaders  on Saturday, 19 October 2018 in The Hague. Chairman of the Filipino LGBT Europe Foundation Chris Sta Brigida and Netherlands Local Country Coordinator Luna Obcial represented the LGBT community in the said gathering where they met Philippine Ambassador to The Hague Jaime Victor Ledda.

This is the first time the Filipino LGBT Europe attended this meeting. The embassy and Filipino Community leaders warmly welcomed the foundation.

“The enthusiasm and warm welcome of Philippine Ambassador Ledda, together with all the embassy staff and various Filipino organisations, in the creation of our foundation is remarkable. I believe that future joint ventures and partnership with the Filipino Community Leaders and the Embassy will be fruitful and productive.” Sta Brigida said to the officers of the organisation.

Chairman Sta Brigida introduced the vision and advocacy of the foundation and encouraged fellow community leaders to inform their members, friends and colleagues especially those Filipino bakla, tomboy, bisexual or transgenders about the creation of the organisation.

He also highlighted some of the foundation’s ongoing and upcoming campaigns. The Out & Proud campaign aims to empower individuals to celebrate their sexuality and let them know that it is OKAY to be GAY. The Filipino LGBT Europe will also host an upcoming Christmas gathering on Dec 22 in Amsterdam with the theme “Lets make it GAY this Christmas.” Flyers regarding the foundation’s two other advocacies on Same-Sex Relationship Recognition and HIV awareness were also distributed during the reception.

After Sta Brigida addressed the community, leaders approached our representatives and started sharing personal experiences with their family who are members of the LGBT community.

In the photo Filipino LGBT Europe Chairman Chris Sta Brigida (left), H.E. Amb. Jaime Victor Ledda (center), Filipino LGBT Netherlands Coordinator Luna Obcial (right).

Conference on Women Harrassment

Philippine Consul for Trade and Culture Shirley Banquicio congratulated us for the creation of the organisation and thanked us for attending the meeting. She highlighted the conference on Women Harrassment which will take place at the Philippine Embassy on Dec 1, 2018 where she also offered to include a discussion about harassment against LGBT people.

Apostille Convention

Ambassador Ledda proudly announced to the community that Philippine deposited the instrument of accession to Apostille Convention in ceremonies at the headquarters of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) in The Hague, on 12 September 2018.

With the Apostille Convention, foreign public documents from Apostille-contracting countries need not be authenticated abroad by Philippine Embassies and Consulates General in order to be recognized and accepted in the Philippines.

Conversely, Philippine public documents need not undergo diplomatic or consular authentication in order to be used abroad in fellow Apostille-contracting countries.

r of Events

Philippine Embassy labelled 2019 as the year of Film, Fashion and Flavour. The embassy’s calendar of event as follows:

January 2019
Vakantiebeurs: Tourism Convention – Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Cinemasia Film Festival

March 2019
Women’s Month, Gender and Development Program

April 2019
Absentee Voting (13 April to 13 May)

May 2019
National Heritage Month
Tong Tong Festival, The Hague

June 2019
Independence Day 
Philippine cuisine exhibit and food festival

August 2019

September 2019
Embassy Festival, The Hague
Hibla Exhibit

Note: Above picture of Filipino Community Leaders in The Netherlands, with courtesy and thanks to Jofelle Tesorio.

In the photo Filipino LGBT Europe Chairman Chris Sta Brigida (left), Migrante The Hague Vice President Marlon Lacsamana (center), Filipino LGBT Netherlands Coordinator Luna Obcial (right).

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