The Stichting Filipino LGBT Europe kicked off the Christmas festivities with “Lets make it Gay this Christmas” event held last 22nd of December 2018 at the Sunflower B&B Amsterdam. It was a night of good food, fun and laughter.

Foundation Chairman Chris Sta Brigida, spearheaded the event. He emphasised the importance of Christmas for Filipinos, not only living in the Philippines but also of those abroad. It was also an event organised to reach out and connect with the Filipino LGBT community and its allies, and to serve the organisations purpose of creating a venue for harnessing relationship for friendship, networking and support for one another. He assured the Filipino LGBT community in Europe that they have a family in the foundation.

Cong. Geraldine Roman and Filipino LGBT Europe Chairman Chris Sta Brigida

He also discussed in his remarks the developments made during his recent visit in the Philippines where he met with Congresswoman Geraldine Roman and other key players from various local LGBT organisations to possibly establish future partnership and building connections. He also reported the progress of the SOGIE Anti-Discrimination Bill that passed unanimously at the Philippine Congress. Optimistic that the tide is changing though theres still a lot to be done.

Congresswoman Roman is a representative of 1st District of Bataan, the first openly transgender woman elected to Congress of the Philippines in 2016. She is currently the Vice-Chairperson of the Women and Gender Equality Committee of the Philippine House of Representatives. One of the authors and championed the SOGIE Anti-Discriminator Bill and supports same-sex civil union for the country.

She extends her message of congratulations for the foundations establishment and gratitude for having the initiative and all the work that the foundation has been doing.

The event also showcased the “Pinoy Gay Talent- First Edition” that displayed the talent of its members. Amazing performances by Cris Bartonico aka Christina Aguiera and Jesse Crisolo aka Whitney Houston. Jen de Vera sizzled the night with her Beyonce performance. Lee Sumakote, Yeng Antonio, Paige Paige, Edson Gonzales and Nikki Cuano who grooved  the night as Spice Girls wannabe that bagged the top price of the evening. It was validated by the panel of judges from our partners and sponsors; Marvin de Vos from Aidsfonds, Maitet Ledesma of Pinay sa Holland and Arvin Quirante, Actor- Miss Saigon NL.

Many thanks to Events Committee Head Ernesto Medina for organising the event and to all those who cooked, brought food, drinks, donated money and participated in the pageant making the night super fun!

The night was capped by socialising, dancing and promoting the foundations purpose of bringing its members together during the Christmas season.

Author: Gerald Esquerra

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