The Filipino LGBT Europe is proud to announce the participation of Mr. Gay World 2019 winner Janjep Carlos during the Amsterdam Pride event as one of our Ambassadors of Love. We believe that Carlos’s presence during the event will encourage and inspire Filipino LGBTs around the world.

Carlos was crowned Mr. Gay World 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa in May. Carlos is now the new worldwide ambassador and spokesperson for LGBTI rights and role model for LGBTI youth.

“I’m so excited to be a part of the first Filipino boat entry for the Canal/Amsterdam Pride. I can’t wait to meet the entire Filipino LGBT group in Europe. Thanks for inviting me to be one of your guests. It’s a huge achievement for our fellow kababayan. Congratulations on your collaborative effort on this! I’m so proud to be Pinoy!” Carlos said.

By appointing Carlos as one of our Ambassadors of Love in the boat, we hope to empower Filipino LGBTs in accepting their gender identities and embrace their own uniqueness and struggles.


“I’m very thrilled and grateful that Mr. Gay World 2019 Janjep Carlos responded positively to our call and invitation. As we aim to send a strong message of solidarity to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines in our fight for Equality, his presence on our boat shows a reciprocal demonstration of solidarity and empowering support to Filipino LGBTs living in Europe,” Chris Sta Brigida, chairman of the Filipino LGBT Europe said.

“As part of our Out&Proud campaign, we hope that by show casing and celebrating his accomplishment on this year’s Amsterdam Canal Parade, his presence on our boat will inspire more people particularly Filipino LGBTs to accept and love themselves,” Sta Brigida added.

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