Filipino LGBT Europe offers free legal aid to LGBT frontliners in UK

The Filipino LGBT Europe wants to recognize the efforts and contributions of our frontliners working in the United Kingdom. Your heroism and bravery in these difficult times have helped thousands of people needing health care and attention. Unfortunately, hundreds of health workers are also at great risk in battling COVID-19. Many Filipino health workers have already lost their lives and a number of others are critically ill.  

The Filipino LGBT Europe understands that this is a matter of life and death, and therefore we would like to offer free legal consultation for last will and testament to our frontliners who are members of the LGBT community in the United Kingdom.

“Majority of our community members from Filipino LGBT UK are nurses, medical professionals, and or frontliners working in hospitals, intensive care units taking care of covid-19 patients or the most vulnerable ones.  Through this free legal support, we want to offer them some peace of mind that their estates are in order no matter what happens,” Chris Sta. Brigida, chairperson of Filipino LGBT Europe said.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avail of this service?

If you are a Filipino LGBT frontliner living in the UK, then you are eligible for this free service. A frontliner as defined by the UK government.

What are the requirements needed to avail of this service?

You must be a member of the Filipino LGBT UK group on Facebook. If you are not yet a member, you can apply as a member.

Who to contact and how can you apply to this service

Send an email directly to Aris Ibarondo at or via 

Aris is our legal advisor and practicing solicitor in the UK. Once we have received your request, you will be entitled to a 15-minute meeting (via video chat)  to receive instructions.

This offer is valid until May 10, 2020. We can only accommodate a limited number of people, therefore, we will process your request on a first come first served basis.

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