Last Saturday 25 April, Filipino LGBT Europe hosted an ONLINE BINGO Fundraising event to raise funds for vulnerable Filipino LGBTs in Europe and the Home of Golden Gays in Manila affected by Covid-19.

“This event was organised to create a venue for Filipino LGBTs in Europe to meet vitually during the Europe wide lockdown and to raised money to support the most vulnerable members of our community in Europe and the senior members of our community at the Home of Golden Gays in Manila.” Chris Sta Brigida chairperson of Filipino LGBT Europe said during the ONLINE BINGO live broadcast.

The group raised more than 700 EUR that evening and the BINGO event was participated by more than 30 Filipino LGBTs and friends across Europe and other parts of the world including Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK and Bonaire the Caribbean.

“A very big hearthfelt thank you to ALL of you! Thank you for joining in sending our message of HOPE and LOVE to our queersiblings affected by covid-19. I understand that most of you are also in a very difficult situation at the moment, some of us losing their jobs, feeling lonely and uncertain but despite of all, you still found the generosity to help out!” said Sta Brigida on his facebook post. 

Fundraising ends midnight of 27 April 2020 CET, if you still wish to donate and help out the Home of the Golden Gays in Manila and the most vulnerable Filipino LGBTQI+ brothers and sisters in this time of COVID-19, you may do so via this link:

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