Life as we know it has changed tremendously this year. The normal ways of interaction and showing affection such as hugging or kissing our loved ones have been overshadowed by the fear of transmitting a virus that could cause serious illness and sometimes, even death. We don’t realize how important these small things are until we got hit by COVID-19.

Anyone could be affected, regardless of age, social status and gender. During this time, we realize that the pandemic does not discriminate; nor should our response. That is why the Filipino LGBT Europe Foundation has shifted its scope and focus to include all Filipinos who are affected by the pandemic, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression (SOGIE).

“During this period of uncertainty, grief, and insecurity, we want to use the influence and reach of the Filipino LGBT Foundation in order to create meaningful impact in the lives of our fellow Filipinos who have struggled during the pandemic,” Chris Sta. Brigida, Filipino LGBT Europe Foundation President and Chairman said.

In the past six months, we have successfully distributed a total of 2,028 food aids (1,268 grocery food vouchers and 760 food packs) among 489 persons in cooperation with The Philippine Embassy The Hague, Red Cross Netherlands, Sant’ Egidio, FILCOM-NL (an adhoc alliance of Filipino organization in the Netherlands), our dear volunteers and supporters.

Sadly, the pandemic is not over yet and a lot of people are still struggling to meet ends. Will you donate as little as EUR 2 to give someone a decent meal today?

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