Meet the Country Coordinator for Finland

AC Arellano has lived in Helsinki, Finland for 14 years now. She’s originally from Batangas and moved to Europe in search of better life.

After many years of battling with herself and denying her true self, she decided to be completely honest with herself and has never felt better.

AC feels more comfortable to open up in Europe, to dream big and she feels accepted. She often wonders if she would have the courage to come out and to be as proud of herself if she were to be living in the Philippines.

The LGBT+ community have been very warm, welcoming and she has met some of her wonderful friends within the community. One of the things that lit fire on her volunteerism spirit is when she heard story of a member of her LGBT community who died of AIDS.

Ac decided to volunteer to support other people like her who are afraid to accept who they are, with the message: that they are not alone. She also wants to promote awareness about STIs through education.

“I just want a world full of love, just love. Full of open minded people who don’t judge. What we are is not a choice, it is just who we are.”


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