Celebrating Love of Luna & Fran

Meet our first feature of the series Celebrating Love.

Fran lives in Vienna, Luna lives in Amsterdam. A perfect sample of a Long-distance-relationship that works.

They met via instagram when Fran was a volunteer at EuroPride/Vienna Pride and whilst Luna was the social media manager of the foundation.

They bonded over their passion on activism and their long talks via social media really allowed them to get to know each other in a much deeper level.

Two years on, both are happily in-love, despite the distance that the current situation has put on them. This year has been especially difficult for them. They couldn’t see each other as much because of the pandemic. They make it work by spending time together via facetime and occasionally have an online dinner date.

Question & Answer:

1. How did you meet?

We met on Instagram through our voluntary work as Social Media Managers on Europride/Vienna Pride (Fran) and Filipino LGBT Europe (Luna). 

2. How long have you known each other?

For more than 2 years and 1.5 years being in a relationship. 

3. What do you love most about your partner?

Fran: Luna is caring loving thoughtful and family oriented,
Luna: I love how she is such a genuinely nice person and always wants the best for everyone around her.


4. What feature of them are you most attracted to? 

Fran: Luna is smart and beautiful. She is so funny yet fierce. And the most beautiful thing about her is that she knows her worth and wouldn’t accept anything less than what she truly deserves. She is also very hard working.

Luna: What attracted me the most about Fran (aside from her having such a beautiful smile), was her confidence when she pursuaded me. No games just putting her intentions right on the table. That for me is sexy.

5. What is your love language? How do you express love to your partner? 

Fran: Physical touch and and spending time (before and after corona).

Luna: Spending time together, kisses and hugs and cooking her favorite food.


6. How important is it for them for their love to be protected?

Fran & Luna: Just like any other love, we want to treasure it, protect it anyway that we can because being able to find someone to love and to be loved in return is one in a million. and She is my one in a million. 

7. What would life be like if it was forbidden to be together as a couple on the grounds that they’re lgbt? 

Fran: Sad and not living your true self.

Luna: What a terrible thing to imagine. to not be able to love just because some people from many years ago decided that loving someone from of the same sex is not right.


Message to each other


Continue being a caring and loving person and focused on your goals in life. Never give up on yourself – and carry on voicing out for those who don‘t have a voice.                                                                                       Fran


My forever and always, I will always choose you and us anytime of the day.


Celebrating LOVE is a feature mini series in celebration of the third year founding anniversary of the Filipino LGBT Europe foundation on 8th March 2021. Join us celebrate our founding anniversary by celebrating ALL FORMS of LOVE.


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