On Friday, 11 June 2021 Filipino LGBT Europe – Ayuda sa Amsterdam team thanked Colm Dekker of Sant’Egidio Nederland Community and the Mozes and Aaron church for their assistance and support to the Filipino Community during the time of pandemic.

“It was in the midst of this pandemic that our friends from the Filipino LGBT Community we’re looking for a place to continue helping with food and other necessities because not far from here some of you will still remember this out on the street and it was getting colder and wetter, your excellency you can imagine that having said who we are we did not have any hesitation to welcome them in our place here” Cold Dekker said.

Since October 2020, Mozes and Aaron church has been the weekly Food Aid distribution and collection point for the Filipino Community in Amsterdam. From February 2021, the church also served as a medical point for the community where they received free doctor’s consulation, basic medicines and other medical care.

 “We have been able since to see at close range how formidable work they do in a great atmosphere of service and friendship. They work very hard to help their sisters and brothers in a world they are a great credit to your country and a source of inspiration to all of us”  decon Dekker also added.

Watch the whole video message of Colm Dekker to the Filipino Community below.❤


Video by: LHR-Photography

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