AMSTERDAM – On Monday, 15 November 2021 Filipino LGBT Europe – Ayuda sa Amsterdam Team attended the meeting called by The Board Urban Consultation on Undocumented Person (BSOO) Amsterdam. Filipino LGBT Europe Chair Chris Sta Brigida and Filipino LGBT Europe’s Vice-President Ryan Aquino represented our community.

The Broad Urban Consultation on Undocumented Persons (BSOO) Amsterdam is a platform for all parties in Amsterdam who work directly or indirectly for and with undocumented migrants: from civil servants to lawyers, from psychologists to police officers, and from reception staff to emergency responders.

The aim of the BSOO is to share, discuss and network with each other knowledge and current developments concerning (assistance to) undocumented migrants. This consultation is organized by the preparatory group consisting of the Red Cross, ASKV, Refugee Work, Doctors of the World, Wereldhuis and moderator Chris Keulemans.


Still NO QR code for Vaccinated Undocumented Migrants

GGD Amsterdam informed us that there is still no solution found on the QR code issues for undocumented people. They are still pushing but currently, sadly no solution yet.

At the moment, only residents with BSN and V-number can apply for the QR code.

With the new stricter covid-19 guidelines, many of vaccinated residents without BSN or V-numbers are having difficulty to enter restaurants or access daily basic services because of this. 

Help for Assylum Seekers

There’s a pilot project named the LVV Landelijke Vreemdelingen Voorziening that’ll replace the previous program: Bed Bad Brood / Bed Bath Bread.

The purpose is to provide asylum seekers shelter during their application process. Also those that don’t have rights to government shelter may be assisted by the 5 collaborating cities who are participating in the pilot project: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen and Rotterdam.

There’s currently a waiting list for the Amsterdam GGD opvang: 22 people currently in the queue. Maybe a second location: Marnixstraat to be open in 2 weeks for 25 people in December.

Assistance for Elderly and Youth undocumented persons

For the elderly undocumented persons, their assistance is currently being reduced.

However, more assistance is being given to young undocumented people. For example with Leergeld Amsterdam. They are able to provide financial help for economically challenged (poor) kids. Such as books, laptops, bicycle to use to go to school, teaching aid, tutoring etc. They can also provide help with household effects such as bed, wardrobe, or workplacement.  

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