It has taken a while, but now it’s finally here. Today we received news from GGD Amsterdam informing us that they have received permission from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and GGD GHOR to provide QR codes to undocumented migrants. Please read the message below:

Undocumented migrants who live in Amsterdam Amstelland and have been vaccinated by the GGD Amsterdam or who have tested positive can request a QR code via the new GKVI system. This system is also suitable for people who have a BSN but cannot request a DigiD because they are not registered at the municipality.


The following is necessary:

  1. 1. Proof of identification:

  • Dutch passport, identity card, Dutch driver’s license

  • Dutch residence document

  • Dutch alien or refugee passport

  • Foreign passport or national identity card

  1. 2. Availability of e-mail and mobile telephone for sending a secure e-mail.


Fill in the registration form:

If possible, enter your BSN or V-number.


We check the data

  • Is there a V-number or Citizen Service Number (BSN) in our system that corresponds to the registration form? Then the applicant will receive the QR code by secure e-mail.

  • Is there no V-number or Citizen Service Number (BSN) in our system or are other data missing? The applicant receives a secure email asking to return a copy of the ID/passport and (when possible) the vaccination registration card.



We only use the documents that the undocumented person sends to verify the identity. We do not share them with other authorities and delete them after the identity check. We only register the document number in the corona information system after permission. This allows faster identification at a subsequent contact.


Physical counter

For undocumented migrants who cannot make use of this digital route, there will be a physical counter in the very near future. More on this later. Here you will find other routes: (Dutch)


Keep the vaccination registration card

The vaccination registration card must be kept well, even after receiving the QR code.


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