Undocumented migrants can receive a booster shot after making an appointment via the GGD Amsterdam Amstelland: 020 555 5202 (Monday to Sun 8:00 am – 8:00 pm). Free entry for the booster vaccination is not possible. This has been confirmed yesterday to Filipino LGBT Europe foundation.


The conditions

– The booster will be given in order of year of birth. The GGD will announce which year is first in line on this website:  https://vragen.coronatest.nl/vraag-en-antwoord/vaccineren/vaccinatiestrategie/volgorde-van-vaccinatie-vaccinatiestrategie/hoe-maak-ik-een-afspraak-voor-vaccinatie-tegen-corona-2/

– There needs to be at least a 3 months period since the last vaccination (2nd mRNA or 1 Janssen) or there needs to be a positive test.

– When the flu shot has been obtained a booster shot is possible 2 weeks after this flu shot. If the undocumented person would like a flu shot after the booster shot, he/she should also wait 2 weeks.


Bring to the appointment

– Appointment Confirmation

– Dutch/Foreign ID/passport (if possible)

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