Undocumented migrants who are fully vaccinated by the GGD Amsterdam Amstelland can get a booster jab without appointment, from 16 January 2022. Free entry for the booster vaccination is possible at the GGD RAI vaccination center.

This has been confirmed to Filipino LGBT Europe foundation via an email from GGD Amsterdam.

The conditions:

  1. It is mandatory to have a 3 months period in between the last vaccination (2nd mRNA or 1 Janssen) or the proof of a positive corona test.

  2. When the flu jab has been obtained, a booster jab is only possible 2 weeks after this flu jab. Likewise, there should be a period of 2 weeks between the booster jab and the flu jab.


What to bring to the appointment

In order to register the booster jab properly, we strongly advice undocumented migrants to bring their vaccination registration card, and if possible, an identification document.

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