SELF LOVE – Life Skills Workshops

Filipino LGBT Europe in partnership with Red Cross Netherlands offers a Life Skills Workshop series in cooperation with Sant’ Egidio Community – Moses and Aaron Church. This is a five day series workshop every Friday evening from 6:00 until 8:00 pm. The life skills workshops will be offered to the community at Moses and Aaron church from Friday, 18 February 2022.


The workshops will cover the following topics:


Workshop 1: Access to healthcare

During this workshop you will be trained to make effective use of the healthcare services in the Netherlands. A group discussion will provide you with answers to many frequently asked questions, such as: Where can I find doctor who can help me?” and “How can I prepare for a visit to the doctor?”


Workshop 2: Clear communications

Do you find it difficult to say clearly what you mean, or do you feel insecure to say things out loud even though they are important to you? Or do you perhaps talk a little too much, resulting in people possibly not quite understanding what your question is? We will practice how you can clearly communicate during this workshop.


Workshop 3: Everything you need to know about stress

You will learn how to deal with challenging issues which may arise in your personal situation. You will learn to recognize the signals of your body and your mind, as a result of stress, and also how you can effectively deal with them.


Workshop 4: Healthy habits

You will learn how to take good care of yourself during this workshop, making sure you can stay healthy. You will learn how to reduce stress in your daily life and useful tips on what you can do when you are worried.


Workshop 5: Looking ahead: use your talents

During this workshop you will explore and discover your talents. What are your talents? And do you still use your talents? You will get a good insight how you can effectively make use of your talents, and how to use them in day to day scenarios.


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