After more than two years of distributing emergency food aid to the community, Ayuda sa Amsterdam – Food Aid Programme will end on 1st July 2022. This decision was made after consultation with the community and a meeting between Filipino LGBT Europe chair Chris Sta Brigida and Sarah Vollmer Roose of The Netherlands Red Cross Food Aid Programme on Thursday, 11 May 2022.

Since 17th May 2019, Filipino LGBT Europe – Ayuda sa Amsterdam distributed a total of 21, 811 Food Aid. More than 1,000 undocumented migrants in Amsterdam received assistance in the period of more than two years.  The community received help in forms of food packs, AH grocery food vouchers, AH digital food vouchers, Plus Supermarket Boxes, hygienic products, diapers and Etos cards to buy milk and other hygiene items.


A total of EUR 602,475.00 (PHP 33,738,600.00) worth of aid was received by the community in partnership with Netherlands Red Cross. This was made possible in cooperation with Sant’Egidio Community / Moses and Aaron and Church in Amsterdam.


“Most of the people we helped are undocumented migrants. These people are the bread winners of their family back in the Philippines. They are considered the new age heroes of the country because of the remittances they send back home. Because of this it is very important for the people we help to survive this pandemic. Like everyone else, from time to time, we also need help. Everyone needs a helping hand, even HEROES needs a helping hand. We want these HEROES to survive so they can continue to be HEROES of their families after the pandemic.”  Sta Brigida said.


Recently, Filipino LGBT Europe launched and conducted a series of workshops such as Life Skills Workshops, Your Rights When You Work Workshop and First Aid Training in partnership with the Netherlands Red Cross and in cooperation with Sant’Egidio Community. It aimed to provide more long term aid and support to the community.


Filipino LGBT Europe foundation extends our heartfelt gratitude to The Netherlands Red Cross for the assistance and support they have extended to the Filipino Community in the Netherlands during the covid-19 pandemic. We will always remember the kindness and generosity you have extended to our community especially in the time we needed it most.


Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng tumulong sa ating gawain at pagkilos.


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