Who are we?

We, Filipino LGBTs residing in Europe, together with our partners and friends, recently formed the Amsterdam-based Stichting Filipino LGBT Europe. 

We are a newly formed LGBT foundation supporting and improving the lives of LGBT Filipinos in Europe and the Philippines. There are over one million Filipinos living in Europe. We are Filipinos. We are Europeans. We are part of the community and call Philippines and Europe our home.

The main advocacies of our foundation are:

  • Marriage Equality – A campaign to advance the protection of Filipino LGBTs, their partners and families in the Philippine.
  • HIV Awareness – A campaign to help combat the alarming rate of new HIV infections in the Philippines.
  • Out & Proud – A campaign that encourages and empowers Filipino LGBTs to accept and celebrate their identity and sexuality.

Meet the Team

Chris Sta Brigida is an entreprenuer based in Amsterdam. He got his master’s degree from the Diplomatic Academy of London and used to work for an international non-governmental organisation in London. Chris Sta Brigida, MA (Westminster)

Chairman, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ernie Medina is a leader of a Filipino LGBT group in Amsterdam and very active in the Filipino community in the Netherlands. He runs his own company in hospitality industry. Ernie Medina

Vice-Chair, Filipino LGBT Europe

Johnny Cacatian works for an int’l company that specializes in renewable energy. He holds master’s degrees in International Develeopment Studies and Environment and Resource Management. Johnny Cacatian, MSc (Amsterdam)

Treasurer, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ryan Aquino

Secretary, Filipino LGBT Europe

Aris Ibarando is a solicitor based in London. He specialise in immigration and family law. Aris Ibarando, LLB (London)

Legal Advisor, Filipino LGBT Europe

Hon Sophia Balod

Press Officer, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ernie Medina

Events Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ryan Aquino

Out&Proud Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Kaye Candaza

Committee on Trans Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Chei is currently teaching at Erasmus University Rotterdam at the same time doing her PhD at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.  She was a former assistant professor at the University of the Philippines. Chei Billedo, PhD candidate

Academic Advisor, Filipino LGBT Europe

Luna Obcial

Social Media Manager, Filipino LGBT Europe

Johnny Cacatian, MSc (Amsterdam)

Fundraising Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Ron Licht - Caballero

HIV Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Marlon Lacsamana

Marriage Equality Committee Head, Filipino LGBT Europe

Country Coordinators

Ronnie Del Barrio

United Kingdom – Coordinator
Email: Ronnie@FilipinoLGBT.eu

August Mateo

Belgium – Coordinator
Email: August@FilipinoLGBT.eu

Luna Obcial

Netherlands – Coordinator
Email: Luna@FilipinoLGBT.eu

Joan Avellanosa

Germany – Coordinator
Email: Joan@FilipinoLGBT.eu

AC Arellano

Finland – Coordinator
Email: Amarie@FilipinoLGBT.eu

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