Covid-19 Community Service

We identified two major issues

Financial Difficulties

Recognising the effect on commerce and employment

Following the advent of countries closing its borders and retricting people from leaving their own houses, the distruption on commerce and employment for many will be greatly affected.

With the limit on the number of people allowed in any places, fewer people will be allowed to work and fewer people will be given services. This will greatly affect commerce and soon will effect emploment of people. 

Mental Health (Loneliness)

Recognising the importance of mental health

When restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums and other social venues where people normally meet were forced to closed and people were forced to stay in doors, this could be very difficult for many of us.  The feeling of anxiety due to the fear on the continous increase of infections rates, concerns on their personal wellbeing or for their loveones, and the uncertainty what future will bring is a major concern for all of us.

We recognised the need to create an alternative way to communicate and or to stay connected.

We identified two most vulnerable sectors

Filipino LGBT irregular migrants in Europe

Recognising the plight of irregular migrants

We recognise that not all have stable and fix employment and there will be members of our community who will not qualify for government’s support or aid.

As an LGBT migrant organisation, we are very concern on the situation of all migrants particularly Filipino LGBT irregular migrants.

Senior/Elderly LGBTs in the Philippines

Recognising the plight of Golden Gays Manila

With the absence of national law that protects people againts discrimination based on their Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression, many LGBTs families will not qualify for government’s support or aid. The absence of such law also sends a wrong message to its society that it is correct to treat people differently leaving some member of our community rejected or sometimes disowned even by their own family.

Golden Gays Manila was established in 1975 to welcome elderly LGBTs  to provide support and care facilities. Although the residents are all on their retirement age, they are still daily wage earners.

The enhanced community quarantine enforced in Metro Manila has resulted to our elderlies without a source of income for over months, making it difficult for them to cover their daily living expenses (e.g. food, utilities, medicine).

Current Programs

Food Aid Program

Weekly Grocery Food Vouchers

Since May 2020, Filipino LGBT Europe – Ayuda sa Amsterdam distributes distributes weekly grocery food aid to those experiencing hardship due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

This was made possible in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy The Hague, FILCOM NL, The Netherlands Red Cross, De Papegaai Catholic Community in Amsterdam and Mozes and Aaron Church / Sant’ Egidio Community

Digital Aid Program

Weekly Grocery Food Digital Vouchers

From January 2021 to May 2021,  Filipino LGBT Europe – Ayuda sa Amsterdam offers Digital Food Aid vouchers in cooperation with the Netherlands Red Cross.

Medical Aid Program

Free Doctor Consultation, Medicines, Counselling and more

From February 2021, Filipino LGBT Europe – Ayuda sa Amsterdam works with Dokters van de Wereld (Doctors of the World NL) to provide medical assistance and care.  


Meet our Heroes

Thank you very much to all our Supporters & Volunteers

We will always remember the kindness, generosity and compassion you have extended to our community!

Without your help, we will not be able to achieve this:

Total Distributed Aid

Distributed Grocery Food Vouchers

Distributed Food Packs

Digital Vouchers

Persons Helped

Partner Organisations

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