Filipino Tagalog Version was made available online for Filipino applicants of Digital Food Aid Program in the Netherlands.  Digital Food Aid program is a pilot aid program by the Netherlands Red Cross in cooperation with Filipino LGBT Europe.

The program aimed to send help in a form of a digital grocery voucher directly to its recipient using messaging application platform.  Target group to help are those who lost their jobs due to the effecs of the covid-19 pandemic, needed help for food, who do not have access to government support and access to normal food bank. There were 236 persons in the initial batch of applications for the digital aid and many more expected to be added in the program.

From 17 May 2020 to 15 January 2021, Filipino LGBT Europe has reached and helped a total of 688 persons, distributted 1,230 food packs, distributed 4,048 grocery food vouchers a total of 5,278. Recipients started to receive their weekly digital grocery vouchers on 19 January 2021 and it would end on 31 May 2021.

“Although many Filipinos understands and speaks the English language fluently, there are still a few who are not so confident with it. This is the group that we are taking care of when we suggested to have a Filipino / Tagalog version of the website / platform. We want to make sure that when we respond especially in giving help, we are mindful of the weak, the elderly and minority in our society. said Chris Sta Brigida chairperson of the Filipino LGBT Europe.

“Especially with the new lockdown, heavier stricter covid-19 measures in place and now a curfew begining this Friday from 8:30pm to 4:30pm, I am personally very thankful for this innovative great program! Now we can send help to people directly, we can have peace of mind that those who lost their jobs will not be hungry and they will receive grocery vouchers every week directly on their smart phones.” Sta Brigida added.

The foundation started helping Filipino LGBTs in Europe in March 2020 conducting three times a week Online Zumba Classes, launched Legal Aid Programme for Filipino Frontliners in the UK, conducted Online Bingo fundraising and Online Zumba fundraising to help irregular migrants who lost their jobs and send help to the Home of Golden Gays in Manila.

With the mandate to advocate for the welfare and rigths of Filipino LGBTs, it shifted its role as a humanitarian aid organisation when it started to help not just Filipino LGBTs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and other sex minorities) and offered to help distribute the Philippine Embassy The Hague first batch of ayuda to Filipinos in Amsterdam on 17 May 2020. Since then, the organisation has been providing weekly support to the community in cooperation with Red Cross Netherlans, Mozes and Aaron church, various community organisations and individuals.

In the photo from left: Hanna Jam Martin (Volunteer Translator), Mirre Beek of Netherlands Red Cross, Kris Albert Lee (Volunteer 1st Translation Checker), Chris Sta Brigida (Volunteer 2nd Translation Checker).

“We are able to do all of what we have done since March 2020 because of the LOVE and SUPPORT of all our volunteers. Lahat po tayo sa Ayuda sa Amsterdam Team ay volunteers. Lahat may pinagdadanan, nawalan din ng trabaho ang ilan sa atin, at may pamilyang may sakit. But they are here everyweek to help others. This is very inspiring to see, to withness and I am very proud and happy to be part of it.” Sta Brigida concluded.

Filipino LGBT Europe would like to acknowledge the contribution of our volunteers  Hannah Jam Martin as the primary English-Tagalog Translator, Kris Albert Lee as the 1st Translation Checker and Chris Sta Brigida as the 2nd Translation Checker of the Tagalog version of Red Cross’ Digital Aid application platform. 

The foundation also wishes to extend its gratitude to Wilma PIlapil Aganon, Dominador Aganon, Ramon Chito Reyes and Jo-Ann Pilapil Reyes for giving their time to be part of the co-designing session conducted with Red Cross Netherlands hosted by Mozes and Aaron Church / Sant’ Egidio Community. The co-design session was done to make sure that the website and the registration platform would be smooth and easy to use.

Are you intereted to see the tagalog version? There is a glimpse of a screenshot below. You may view more of it via this link: TAGALOG VERSION

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